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This egg is a tue cutie! They had a rough time with their glazing which is why they almost appear to be crying but I promise the smile says it all! I love the excessive amount of burnout holes in this fun friend and I'm loving this pink tourmaline glaze, hope you do too!


I hope you cherish your piece as much as I cherish the process and can understand why these pieces which are truly a part of me are at such a high price point!


Please note that because these pieces are made with backyard clay they have many "burnout holes" caused from leftover organic material in the clay. This could be things like sticks, bugs, plant matter or anything else combustable that you can find in nature. These tiny holes DO NOT effect the longevity of the piece, however the holes do not allow for a complete and full coating of an overglaze which means the pieces are unfortunately NOT food safe. In the future I will be making food safe pieces but as of right now I am largely focussed on using the wonderful tool I have at my fingertips, the forest! 


As always, made with mud + love! - Evan!


Height: 5.5in.

Length: 2.5in.

Width: 2.5in.

Glazing: Non-toxic underglazes with a clear dipping overglaze


*PLS NOTE: I am a 1-egg business and I can only write so many thank you notes and make so many pieces a day so please be patient as I like each of these boxes to feel as special as each of your orders in to me! (Orders may take up to 3 weeks to arrive.)

Pink Crystal Egg

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