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This bowl was thrown by hand on my battery powered wheel with clay from backyard in Vermont. This is the most succesful nowl I've ever done and this is also the longest I've ever spent with glazing a single piece but it was worth it. This piece is particularly special in my eyes because of the hidden message on the underside of the bowl "I WILL LOVE MYSELF" words that I often lose sight of. So everytime you use this bowl let it be a special reminder to yourself to love yourself the way you would love your lover. This piece may only be 3 inches in diameter and 2 inches tall but I'm going to have a hard time shipping this one off as it is literally my favorite piece I have made this summer but I needed to make it for myself and I know there must be someone out there who needs to here this as much as me. Making this was therapy for me so I hope it brings you the same amount of warmth as it brought me closure. 

I will love Myself

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