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"I just wanted you to stay." This phrase acted as the underpainting and bottom layer that the my quick and gestural portrait was laid atop. This piece was done in an almost manic state of making. It happened so fast without questioning any of my decisions and it was done when I got out the feeling. I used whatever paint I had left on my palette and the pastels that were laying closest to the piece on the floor and it ended up being one of the most unique pieces I've created in a longtime. I hope you enjoy!


I didn't used to consider myself a painter, if you handed me a pencil I wouldn't know what to do with it. But, after having a year to just make without instruction, guidance, or a prompt I finally found my own path and style of painting. I've secretly been working on two different collections for the past year and both heavily influenced this work but provided me with the experience to find an innate and natural way of making that felt true to me. Since this happened it almost feels like there aren't enough canvasses in the world to fill all the compositions that are constantly floating around my mind. 


These pieces are purely were created absent mindedly, in a meditative or manic state. These pieces lived with me in my bedroom for a month and became a journal of what I was feeling, thinking and going through and now exist as a representation of this incredibly troubling time in my life. At the end of the day it's nice to know that beauty can always come from the darkest experiences. 


Mediums: Soft Pastel, Hard Pastel, Acrylic Paint, Frustration

Canvas type: Found Canvas

Dimensions: 5x7in. 

I Just Wanted You to Stay

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