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"Your the apple of my eye."


Yes i know it's "you're" and not "your" but this whole body of work was about being a kid and I love how literal childlike everything about this piece is! Everytime I look at it I smile! I hope it makes your heart as happy as mine! 


While glazing these pieces I came to a realization, I was stuck. I felt trapped in a sort of creative lull and I didn't know how to break out of it. So, I grabbed my underglazes and my paint palettes and got added water to every compartment and just a drop of color to each, creating a watercolor like effect. I'm not very comfortable with watercolors as is so homemade watercolor glazes was a whole new world! Using these loosened me up so much so that I began to experiment with color combos, layers, and drips in a child-like manner. Adding the glaze pencil on top was something I always wanted to do and I hope to get some more colored pencils to use in the future! 


I also was thinking a lot about fruit and all of the powerful historical, religious, and spiritual symbolic meanings of fruit. This in conversation with my usual undertones of the connection of all living things is a powerful juxtaposition that I hope you can find some weight and warmth in ad I did as well. 


PLEASE NOTE: This piece was made from pre-processed clay which means it's foodsafe! This also allows me to do more ornate trimming and for a thinner and lighter piece all together!



Length: 2.25in.

Width: 2.25in.

Height: 2in.


As always, made with mud and love! - Evan :)

*You're the apple of my eye, Cup/Small Dish

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