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This collection is incredibly special to me and feels like a true representation of and reflection of who I am as a person and artist.  The fluid figurines flowing into one another and creating new forms as they collide are symbolic of the invisible strings that tie all living things to each other. For it is only through others that we may find ourselves.


I hope you cherish your piece as much as I cherish the process and can understand why these pieces which are truly a part of me are at such a high price point!


This piece was made with processed and purchased clay meaning it’s food safe! 


***This piece is marked ABO because it’s an Aidan Briley original! My beautiful and talented friend who has helped me out in the studio over the last year through this piece on the wheel! The first ever and only ever informal instruction I’ve been given on the wheel was from them and our high school teacher during lunch and after school. I’ve always looked up to their wheel throwing abilities so I’m so happy we were able to find a way to work together!


As always, made with mud + love! - Evan!


Height: 1in.

Width: 3in.

Glazing: Non-toxic underglazes with a clear dipping overglaze


*PLS NOTE: I am a 1-egg business and I can only write so many thank you notes and make so many pieces a day so please be patient as I like each of these boxes to feel as special as each of your orders in to me! (Orders may take up to 3 weeks to arrive.)

ABO Small Ashtray