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This is the tallest vase I've ever made and it took so many trys and so long to do, but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! I hope you enjoy how it turned out as much as I do! The dripping ink spots glaze coming from the bottom and the top covering the faces, is so gorgeous and makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside! 


These piece are made in conversation with the continuing ties and meanings that connects all of my work.These piece feel like an honest reflection of my experience and place in this world. The fluid figurines flowing into one another and creating new forms as they collide are symbolic of the invisible strings that tie all living things to each other. For it is only through others that we may find ourselves and it’s only through others that I have found myself. 


This piece was made with clay I unearthed and dug up from my backyard in Vermont. Which is why you may notice there’s many “burnout holes” caused by leftover organic material in my clay which combusts in the kiln leaving a hole in place of where the stick or debris was before. This does mean these pieces aren’t food safe but are so much more alive and just as functional! I hope you can feel the energy and love that went into the process and the piece when you hold it. 



Length: 3.5in.

Width: 3.5in.

Height: 6.5in.


As always, made with mud and love! - Evan :)

You built me taller than I ever knew I could be, Vase

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