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This bowl was thrown by hand on the wheel with the clay that I harvest from my own backyard! I am so shocked by the height of the pieces in this collection as these are the tallest forms I've ever been able to acheive with this clay! I am also in love with the trimming on this piece as I'm rarely able to succesfully do so with the the backyard clay as the particles and pieces often chip away. 


I recently developed this style of glazing out of my paintings. Using broad organic and curving brushtrokes allows for the figures to seemingly meld into eachother and create new figures out of existing ones just through viewing the piece at a different angle. 


Visually I feel as if these pieces convey a sense of community, unity, and togetherness that I think we all have a longing for these days. The warmth and enrgy of these pieces truly can be felt and they're incredibly special to me.


I hope you cherish your piece as much as I cherish the process and can understand why these pieces which are truly a part of me are at such a high price point!


Please note that because these pieces are made with backyard clay they have many "burnout holes" caused from leftover organic material in the clay. This could be things like sticks, bugs, plant matter or anything else combustable that you can find in nature. T