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When I entered art school I had little to no drawing or painting experience. My portfolio at the time consisted almost exclusively of photography. It wasn't until my first figure drawing class in college that my drawing style emerged. I took a total of 120 hours of figure drawing in my two years of school. The foundation figures provided me is made evident in much of my work following art school. 


In the two years that have followed art school I have had little to no figure drawing experience, but the yearn for it is always present. These images are the result of my first figure drawing sessions in over two years. It's rare that I get to simply enjoy the act of making without question. Sitting to do these figures with nothing more in mind was the first time I've been able to do that in quite some time. I am eager for these pieces to find a home and curious to see how you respond to this work, as it is quite a large shift from my typical style and work. 


Dimensions: 9in. x 12in. 

Figure Drawing No.4

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