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I know I have not yet found the final form of my art practice, my routine, HOME, my family, or my business but I am excited and eager for my future, something I couldn’t say until very recently. I’m learning to find validity in being; how to unlearn all the patterns and thoughts that kept me alive for so long and no longer serve where I am today. I will continue to trip and fall but every year I get back up a little quicker. Life will never be truly “stable” but I’m learning to find stability in the instability, the in-between and the not knowing as I know now that the biggest changes occur when you rid yourself of all the “What if(s)?” and replace them with “What’s next?” 


I know my HOME collection will continue to grow as the ideas I discuss in the collection are thoughts that have and will continue to consume my mind for years to come. HOME has always been a feeling, never a place and I will continue to look for it in everyone I meet. Which leads me to my “Offering” collection. Three years in the making it has yet to fully see the light of day, but its motifs of connection and community clearly seep into every piece I produce. It’s no wonder this led me to create “Stump.” A public declaration of the immense bond I had with the land I was not only raised on but that provided me the clay that became my catalyst to fame. Created a year ago in response to the devastating destruction and deforestation of this beloved land I called home. I hope to release “STUMP” slowly over the next year!

My move was unexpected and unplanned, so was being in Omaha, Nebraska. Honestly if you asked me to point to this place on a map a year ago I would’ve had no idea where it was but my time here has been fruitful. It doesn’t yet feel like mine or “HOME’s” forever location but this may change in time. My small crew of creatives and I are always considering and pursuing new opportunities and are all ears to any suggestions! Feel free to contact me with any thoughts. The end goal for both myself and “HOME” is to eventually find a space where we can create and foster not just community with artists and the residents of the town we occupy, but to do the same for the land. The aim is to eventually have a property that always allows for new growth in both our studio offerings and also our capacity for housing. I dream that one day we can offer “HOME” to anyone in need, not just those with prior experience in the field of Fine Art. I can’t wait to watch it happen, day by day, person by person, place by place. 

“We cannot live for ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads, and along these sympathetic fibers, our actions run as causes and return to us as results.”

~ Herman Melville

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